About Us

Hands So Beautiful is a small company of childhood friends who loves DIYs, parties and nifty art and the like. This space exists to document their projects and passion for handiwork carefully made with multiple doses of love and a sprinkle of adventure. They turn something familiar into a new piece of art.They are a stable and dependable source of blissful ideas. Their aim is to utilize their talents to make people comfortable and appreciate events in life. Hands So Beautiful delivers a stylish yet predictable concept which truly make such an event wonderfully stunning.

Crafting pieces like paper flowers, bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres are just one of those artistic talents that Hands So Beautiful possess. Then incorporating it to a stylish event arrangement really boost their authenticity. Hand made decors demands time and patience, but to them it is more like doing a hobby and enjoying every part of it. The originality of their work comes from the passion of turning ideas into a beautiful reality.

Hands So Beautiful have been part of countless parties and events without failing to deliver amazing artistry. From arts&crafts to booth styling, the company offers distinctive designs which brings vibrant mood to an event. Although the designs vary depending on what type of occasion, Hands So Beautiful displays consistency by letting their customers experience their passion in doing works of art.